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Mark Stone strider at
Sat Jun 3 08:14:40 PDT 2000

I made one of those brain-dead mistakes with my LFS system yesterday that
got me thinking. With all due respect to mutt fans, I've been using pine
for ages and so I wanted to put pine on my LFS system.

Grabbed the source, compiled and installed without a hitch. Went to send a
test message, and this immediately bombed out because -- duh -- I haven't
installed sendmail.

My first thought was that sendmail should be listed as a dependency for
pine. My next thought was that I don't want to install sendmail, I want to
try out one of the alternatives, probably exim. Presumably pine will work
just fine with exim. 

So the problem with pine isn't really a dependency problem. After all,
pine works as advertised: it takes an email message, and hands it off to
the standard SMTP port. Nonetheless, pine needs an installed MTA to be
useful. RPM won't tell you this. Dpkg won't tell you this. And yet it
seems like this information ought to be tracked somewhere. 

Are there other important apps that have these not quite dependency


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