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Tony Karakashian tonyk at
Sat Jun 3 08:24:35 PDT 2000

> Sorry for this stupid question, I know it's not doable, but I couldn't
> resist. This windows-mentality really sucks. I stopped to
> care about it some years ago, I thought the world, especially the
> bleeding-edge-technology firms have noticed that windows is
> not alone in the universe. Such "virus"-message I would be expecting
> several years ago, but not nowadays...
Not a stupid question.  Doing it without asking first...THAT would be
stupid. ;)

If you disable the virus protection, and then reapply your boot sectors,
that might "fool" the software.  It's only because the boot sector changed
that it's complaining.  Another option is to disable it, then use another AV
package.  BIOS virus protection can only help so far.  Go to and grab InoculateIT Personal Edition.  On top of it being
free, my testing has shown that it's the best AV software on the market.
It's small (only a 2M RAM footprint), doesn't slow the machine down, and
detects more virii than Norton or McAfee.


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