Newsgroup Access

Paul Jensen pj at
Sat Jun 3 16:46:23 PDT 2000


you can now access the lfs email discussion using a news reader.  just
point your news reader to  - you can also reply to
the newsgroup.

there are 5 news groups:

news group                                      email list
------------------------                        -----------
comp.os.linux.from.scratch.announce             lfs-announce
comp.os.linux.from.scratch.apps                 lfs-apps
comp.os.linux.from.scratch.config               lfs-config
comp.os.linux.from.scratch.discuss              lfs-discuss
comp.os.linux.from.scratch.linux                linux

there is only half a day of email transferred to the news server and all
of this is from lfs-discuss.

please let me know if you have problems.


paul jensen
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