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Thorben Thuermer thorbenthuermer at
Sat Jun 3 18:41:38 PDT 2000

Ian Chilton wrote:
> Hello,
> I built my LFS a few months ago, using the 2.0pre* HOWTO' has been
> running my server for months, and all has been well, until I upgraded the
> server. I upgraded the motherboard, CPU and memory.
> Now, 'shutdown -h now' works fine, but 'shutdown -r now' runs all of the
> shutdown scripts as normal, gets to the part where it normally reboots, and
> I get:
> System Reboot in Progress, Restarting System..
> ..and it stops  :(
> I then have to power down and on again.....which is really annoying if you
> are miles away and are connected through the internet and need to reboot the
> machine for some reason...
> Anyone have any ideas?
> I say, it was working until I upgraded, nothing on LFS has changed, and
> everything else seems to work fine, so it's a bit wierd....
> Thanks!
> Ian

This is definetly no LFS-specific probelm, but a prblem of the kernel
failing to reboot the machine.

I also have a machine that fails to reboot, it´s a "old" 586/133 with
Ami-BIOS, funny that new (server-class?)
machines have such problems...

I always knew the solution but was always too lazy to try it (using the
reset-button was the easier option for me),
but now i did and my the machine reboots gracefully.. :-)

First of all, rebooting a machine is not as simple as u might think,
actually pretty complicated...

the kernel knows four different methods to reboot, which can be selected
via the the kernel (lilo) parameter:


where the parameters mean:
warm: warm reboot without memory-test
cold: cold reboot with memory-test
bios: reboot using some kind of BIOS-call (the two above arent
hard: reboot using triple-fault
	(exception within the exceptionhandler that is invoked for exceptions
within the exceptionhandler for exceptions within a normal
exceprionhandler (gotta love it)... In which case the CPU knows nothing
better than to reboot..
	(an exceptionhandler is invoked for events the CPU encounters, that
have to be handled by the OS (page-faults, FPU-exceptions (devide by
zero) and so on...)

i tried ´em all, and on the machine i have here only "reboot=bios"

simply try it on your machine (enter "<imagename> reboot=????" at the
lilo-prompt, then boot up and try to reboot), and put the one that works
into your lilo.conf (and never forget to re-run lilo afterwards...)

Thorben Thuermer

"exception within the exceptionhandler that is invoked for exceptions
within the exceptionhandler for exceptions within a normal

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