Reboot Problem

Ian Chilton ian at
Sun Jun 4 15:26:39 PDT 2000


Thanks for the response!
(I got your e-mail earlier, but just had chance to try it..)

> i tried ´em all, and on the machine i have here only "reboot=bios"
> worked...

I tried warm, and this did not work, so I tied bios, and it worked  :)

> simply try it on your machine (enter "<imagename> reboot=????" at the
> lilo-prompt, then boot up and try to reboot)

Yep, bios works :)

> and put the one that works into your lilo.conf

Please could you explain how to do this?
I tried it, and it said syntax error, and I could not see it mention reboot
in the lilo.conf man page :(

> (and never forget to re-run lilo afterwards...)

Yes, this is my usual trick...change lilo.conf and wonder why nothings
happening, until ages later when I realase I forgot to run lilo....I do it
every time! :)

Thanks Again!


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