teTex log file, attached this time...

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sun Jun 4 16:07:03 PDT 2000

I'll look at your log file later- (got to leave to take my lil bros 
to the county fair) but one problem I had while compiling teTeX was 
that it was looking for X related libs in /usr/lib instead of X11/lib.

by making sym links to all the x libs in /usr/lib it compiled no problemo.

>Sorry, I forgot to attach the log file, so here it is...
>Make sure you edit it, instead of cat'ing it, because it clears the
>screen after showing the error message.
>Again, thanks for any help...
>Content-Type: application/x-unknown; name="install.log"
>Content-Disposition: inline; filename="install.log"
>Attachment converted: Gilbert:install.log (????/----) (0004F242)

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