problems compiling kdebase-1.1.2

Tomislav Greguric greguric at
Sun Jun 4 17:22:55 PDT 2000

On Sun, 04 Jun 2000, RodZilla wrote:

> Getting an error when trying to ./configure kdebase, so I logged the
> error messages to a file, which is attached to this e-mail.
> I did a './configure >& configure.log', then './configure 2>
> configure.log2'
> and concatinated them with 'cat configure.log2 >> configure.log'
> If anyone can tell me of an easier way to get both stdout and errout
> output on one file without doing the above, please let me know..  8-)

[some-program] > [your-logfile] 2>&1

> The error I'm getting is that it cannot compile a simple kde program and
> tells me to make sure I have kdelibs installed (which I do) and to make
> sure I'm using the same compiler that was used to compile kdelibs...

I've looked at your logfile: gcc complains about functions etc. from
qt, which are unknown to it. Check if the header files are really in
/usr/local/qt/include. I remember having similar problems compiling
KDE a long time ago and solving them by giving configure the
"--disable-rpath" (or something like that) switch. Try it, maybe it'll

> Thanks for any help, in advance...

No problem,
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