generl problem with procmail

Mike May psyke at
Mon Jun 5 01:20:11 PDT 2000

this is not a specific problem with lfs
I tried to seperate the lfs-discuss-Mails from my other mails with procmail
but it doesn't work
this is my .procmailrc :

* lfs-discuss at linuxfromscratch\.org
* ^From mephisto at

then I did:
	cat /var/spool/mail/mephisto | procmail

I got a fromme-Mailfolder and an else-Mailfolder,
but no lfs-Mf and Mutt couldnt read all the mails in the else-Mf

I hope anyone can help me, because I don't have the time now to go through 
all the lfs-Mails

bye and may the source be with you,
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