generl problem with procmail

Mike May psyke at
Mon Jun 5 06:23:22 PDT 2000

I don't know why but it doesn't work
I don't know if the configuration will sort new mails, but when I tried to
sort my old ones with

	cat /var/spool/mail/mephisto |procmail

I only got one 'else' Mailfolder with all mails, but mutt could only read
about 5 mails from the about 150 mails

this is my actual .procmailrc:

	* ^>From owner-lfs-discuss at

I also tried:
	* ^From owner-lfs-discuss at

could it be that procmail have a problem with the format which fetchmail or
sendmail (don't know which programm realy stores the mails) stores my mails
in /var/spool/mail/ ??????

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