Georg Wilckens durandal at nfinity.de
Mon Jun 5 15:43:28 PDT 2000

Hello folks,

I got kicked from the list due to a mailbox overflow, so in case there
is anyone waiting for a reply from me (not that I would expect that)
- please resend the message to me.

Secondly... just in case someone has problems with XF86Setup, it was a
real pain in the behind for me during the last two days. But I won
eventually. When building XFree86, XF86Setup only gets build, if Tcl
and Tk are both installed. Additionally you have to edit
xc/config/cf/xf86site.def to point to the right location. It compiles
just fine with the latest tk/tcl (8.3.1), yet it took me a while to
realize that when building tk/tcl only the dynamic library gets build
- X wants to link statically. So you either have to make tk/tcl twice
(once with --disable-shared) or (that's what I chose) edit
xf86site.def to use dynamic linking. Just thought, I should share
this, since it was a time-wasting exercise and XF86Setup is supposed
to have support for more cards than the console-tool. Btw.. I have
a news posting saying that you need X installed to compile tcl/tk. So
you might have to compile and install X, compile and install tcl/tk
and then recompile X. Haven't checked though.

Georg Wilckens <durandal at nfinity.de>

Life would be so much easier if we could just look at the source code.
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