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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jun 6 09:21:50 PDT 2000

Hi Matt,

> I posted a message to comp.os.linux.from.scratch.config and
> comp.os.linux.from.scratch.linux
> Moday 4:12am, and now its Tuesday 5:09am, and I've yet to see it on
> there.
> Perhaps I configured Netscape wrong when I added pcrdallas.com as news
> server, but it rec's the groups on there fine.
> Plus I don't see my message on the mailing lists.
> Is there perhaps a problem with those two groups, or the newsgroup <->
> mailing list link?
> I will try posting to just the mailing lists to see what happens.

I have come to that conclusion as well. All mail that is emailed arives
at the mailing list, but posted messages don't arive. I have tried
Netscape News myself and I never really liked to use netscape for news
groups so perhaps the problem just lies with Netscape. I haven't
installed a better newsreader yet. Nevertheless I've CC'ed this message
the lfs-admin and lfs-discuss lists as well so we can investigate this
> Also while I'm at it, which list should I post to, for a question about
> an iso image for LFS, which contains all the sources needed, the book
> itself, and the LFS bootdisk, with perhaps some kind of install scripts?
> I want to be able to install LFS without a "normal" Linux distro on the
> machine before-hand.

Your best bet is to post this to lfs-discuss. LFS bootdisk is still
under development. Since I haven't used it myself yet, you'll have to
inquire on lfs-discuss. Eric Ayer is doing the LFS-bootdisk project and
can tell you more on the status.

A few install scripts are available at www.pcrdallas.com/scripts and
also check www.pcrdallas.com/docs/lfs-hints

Things in /scripts and /docs/lfs-hints are not officially part of LFS so
if you have problems with it, take it up with the author. In a few
months I'll be starting an LFS related project, called ALFS (automated
LFS). It's end goal is to provide a CD-image containing a bootable Linux
system complete with all needed packages and the book on it. You can put
this CD in the computer, boot from it and either manually install LFS,
or use the tool that will be provided to install it. It'll be somewhat
like RockLinux (so I've heard) but it will be more advanced. Even during
the automatic installation you can control the entire process and change
every single detail so you still have control over where the tool puts
the files and what commands are used to configure and compile a package,

More details on this project will be posted to lfs-discuss in a few

Gerard Beekmans

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