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> files. I also found while installing openssh that it looked for a header
> file from another package (I forget which one, off hand). But generally
> speaking, can these be deleted, or will they be needed?

OpenSSL perhaps? I had a bit of trouble persuading OpenSSH that I had
actually installed OpenSSL first (From memory: I had to do ./configure

Generally speaking though, it's safe to delete sources once you've
installed them. The reasons I can think of for keeping them are:

1. Easier to install updates by patching (smaller downloads, and you
don't have to recompile the whole package if you've kept the .o files)
2. You still have the sources to modify easily to hand.

Of course, if you don't intend to do much of #2, then #1 probably isn't
much of an issue with today's hardware anyway.


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