keeping kernel trees.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee tie at
Wed Jun 7 02:22:20 PDT 2000


Quick fix:
add this line to /etc/profile: export C_INCLUDE_PATH='/usr/local/include'
(credit: Raffaele Brancaleoni)

Proper fix:
recompiled Gcc without the '--with-local-prefix=/usr' option
(credit: Nelson Arzula)

All i did was test them...

The only thing i can think of --with-local-prefix being used is
when the book was symbolic linking /usr/local to /usr, no?

Gerard want to make the modification ;)

.HIghoS (woohoo, did i mention i feel like a little kid again?)

PS, now... only if you could modify all the paths, as there's a couple in
there, that are recrusive... that i would like to get rif of.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - tie at - tie at

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