Boy, am I havin' trouble! - Solved

Tony Karakashian tonyk at
Wed Jun 7 04:25:33 PDT 2000

Well, I'm not sure what the deal was exactly, but it looks like I was able
to compile GCC.  I pulled one of my RAM sticks and reran the whole GCC setup
section.  I'm not entirely sure if it was the RAM, though, only because I
came back when I thought configure would be done, and it was sitting at a
command prompt.  While I was gettting into my chair, it started make-ing
some things, and ran for another 10-15 minutes.  When that was done, I made
it, and installed it.  I think prior that I'd see the prompt and since it
wouldn't respond to input, would close the term window, thus cutting off
configure before it was done.

Off-topic: Glibc.  500M was not enough hard drive space once I got to this.
I had to compile it 3 times because I kept running out of space.  (Prior to
the second time, I'd deleted everything from /$LFS/usr/src AND stripped the
debug symbols off everything, still ran out).  What I ended up doing was
creating a dir off my main distribution, and linking that to /$LFS/usr/src.
That gave me PLENTY of room to compile.

Another off-topic:  Out of curiosity, how does one compile without the debug

Thanks for all the help,


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