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Paul Jensen pj at pcrentals.com
Wed Jun 7 05:53:22 PDT 2000

> p> So if anyone has any info regarding these things please let us all know.
> I have put such thing together. It's not that user-friendly since it
> includes no scripts (yet), but it boots from CD and you got a fully working
> system (except ncurses, so you cannot make menuconfig). I installed two systems
> with it successfully. If you are interested, I could give some hints
> how to create it. Maybe it would be even possible to upload it...

how big a file is it?  it might be easier for me to recreate it.

i just got a cd burner and got it working 3 days ago.  i have been
thinking about creating a bootable cd with all the sources ( a copy of the
ftp site and web site ).   this would be a lot faster and easier to load
than across the internet or even a LAN.

the first cd i burned was a copy of the ftp site.  i was able to read it
with a windows notebook.  i could browse the html docs easily, but could
not look into the tar balls.  it would need the fips program for resizing
the disk partition.

any suggestions are welcome - what should be included, etc.

paul jensen
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