Boy, am I havin' trouble! - Solved

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jun 7 09:19:42 PDT 2000

> Off-topic: Glibc.  500M was not enough hard drive space once I got to this.
> I had to compile it 3 times because I kept running out of space.  (Prior to
> the second time, I'd deleted everything from /$LFS/usr/src AND stripped the
> debug symbols off everything, still ran out).  What I ended up doing was
> creating a dir off my main distribution, and linking that to /$LFS/usr/src.
> That gave me PLENTY of room to compile.

That's what I did last time as well. I'll change that 500MB minimum.
> Another off-topic:  Out of curiosity, how does one compile without the debug
> symbols?

Usually by changing the CFLAGS variable in Makefile files. The -g
compiler option causes these debug symbols to be compiled in. You'll
have to edit the Makefile and remove the -g (you can't use the CFLAGS
environment variable all the time because some packages require special
flags which won't be passed when you set an env. variable so the safest
way is to remove -g from Makefile, or call make with a parameter like
make -e CFLAGS="here the cflags values from Makefile minus -g"

but that doesn't always lead to the desired results since a package can
use different CFLAGS values in different subdirectories. I find it
usually easier and less error-prone to just use the strip program

Gerard Beekmans

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