LFS iso image

Jakob Schroeter js at jaggware.de
Wed Jun 7 10:46:22 PDT 2000


PJ> how big a file is it?  it might be easier for me to recreate it.
IIRC, it's nearly 200 MB. Plus Source. So receation would be
definitivly easier :).

PJ> any suggestions are welcome - what should be included, etc.
First I followed Erik A. Ayer's LFS-Bootdisk-HOWTO. Then I installed
some additional stuff (patch, automake, autoconf, as86, ld86, ...) the same
way as the other stuff in the Bootdisk-HOWTO. I used the disk as boot image
for the CD and burned the loopback-file mentioned in the HOWTO and the
source tarballs on the CD. The Kernel needs some modifications, i.e. initrd
support. I don't know exactly how I did it, but it's recoverable :).
Maybe I'll put together a mini-HOWTO regarding this subject when I got
some spare time.


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