Software updates?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Jun 8 09:59:21 PDT 2000

> as I am an up-to-date freak, I wanted to know if anyone keeps the packages,
> at least the mandatory ones up-to-date and if a post to the list when a new
> package comes out is a good idea. When I'm looking at the list in book 2.3.4
> i see some out of date packages and I know that our LFS-God has a lot of
> stuff to do and can't keep everything up-to-date. Examples: Kernel 2.2.15,
> bzip2 1.0, binutils, groff 1.16...

I don't mind if you post updates but it's not really necessary as I do
the exact same thing (usually once a month). If you post updates it
won't stop me from doing the same (for all you know when you post an
update and I release a new book that package could be updated again so
that's why I check regardless of how many other people have already done

Also, I don't always update a package until I have fully tested it. This
means when I update a mandatory package I have to build a new LFS system
and make sure all those new packages don't interfere with other

For the next release (2.3.5) I will do a package update again, download
them all (unless the packages are too big. I don't download the most
recent kernel all the times. Don't feel like downloading a new 17MB
archieve every 3 or 4 weeks), test them and mention it in the book.

But usually you can download the latest yourself and use it. If you have
problems, download the one the book mentions, since that's the one I
have used already and I can more or less guarantee that they work.

Gerard Beekmans

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