Done with basic install - comments (kinda long)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Thu Jun 8 13:27:14 PDT 2000

Laszlo Radanyi wrote a while ago:

> I suggest an addition to the book ,however:
> setting up a non-us keyboard.
> --------------------------------
> (Gerard, this should be an optional-but-mandatory issue for all non-US
> people. That is 'options' for you US-people, but kinda mandatory for use
> with non-US keyboards.)
>     fetch and install the packages 'Linux console tools' and 'console data'
> from
>     Read the info on the web site to chose between kbd and console-tools. I
> propose console-tools.

does the script below work with kbd as well (ie: does /usr/bin/loadkeys
come with both the kdb and console-tools package)? and, which one do
most people prefer to use?

>     #!/bin/sh
>     . /etc/init.d/functions
>     echo -n "Loading keymap..."
>     /usr/bin/loadkeys /usr/share/keymaps/ARCH/LANG.kmap.gz >/dev/null
>     check_status
>     # end /etc/init.d/keymap
>     Set up permissions and links:
>     chmod 755 keymaps
>     cd ../rc2.d
>     ln -s ../init.d/keymap S80keymap
>     (do this in other run levels too, if necessary)

Gerard Beekmans

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