Vacation ended, made up my mind, here is what I want to do

Ian Chilton ian at
Thu Jun 8 16:53:15 PDT 2000


> I see your point too, but be honest, what did LFS offer?

I personally liked the way you could print/read one document, and sit down
with some source code and get a *completly* working system, instead of
having to read loads of different documents. Obviously if you want to go
further into things, you have to read the relevent HOWTO, but for a simple
setup, I thought LFS did a good job. For example, 'using the old LFS', you
could build LFS, incl networking, sendmail etc...
Once it's working, if you wanted to know more about networking / sendmail
etc, you could look at the relevent HOWTO's, but for now, they were working.

The new way, you have to build LFS, then start rattling through lost of
different documents, and do *a lot* of reading of advanced stuff, just to
get a simple system working...

Just my opinion, mainly from the point of "newbee's", rather than myself
sitting down and doing it now, having done it before.

** Or, another about someone else writes a follow up to LFS,
which covers this sort of stuff???
Ideas??   Comments???   Any takers?

Gerard -> So, if you're going to drop the 2nd part of the book, does that
mean ALFS will take off a bit quicker?
(I'm very interested in that too!)

Anyway, whatever you decide, I still love LFS, so keep up the good work!!

Bye for Now,


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