Vacation ended, made up my mind, here is what I want to do

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Jun 9 08:13:42 PDT 2000

> look somewhere else (e.g. at the moment I try to figure out, how MySQL,
> Apache,
> PHP and mod_perl can be build from scratch, it's not that easy).

I Just did this and it was real easy. The key: read the INSTALL files of
the various packages.

> Next thing is, that one normally doesn't stop building after a complete
> basic
> LFS-install - bred and butter is necessary. Why stop giving advice at that
> point?
> Installing a different editor is perhaps not so difficult, but my Apache
> problem is
> (at least for me).

that's what the lfs-apps list was created for. Problems with non-book
software can be asked in that list.
> - Finetuning of the LFS-system as an ongoing process and going into more
> details,
> why we install a package, what it contains, what the dependencies are, how
> you can modify
> the install procedure, how to optimize ...

That's already a part of the Appendix - it describes what every package
contains. It's not complete yet but it will be. Dependencies will be
added too (figuring those out is a time consuming process so it'll take
a little file to complete that list)
> - Offering extra and topic-specific documents for special questions (e.g.
> how to setup
> Apache, how to use LFS as a router ...) Every Document should have a
> maintainer who
> updates the text according to the feedback he/she receives.
soon as a database online which can be edited (perhaps create accounts
so you can maintain certain documents)
> - Perhaps - building a website for presenting the gathered information in a
> structured way.

Already on the TODO list. See my previous email as well.
> All this means, that more people must become active and that somebody must
> coordinate
> the work of the involved people. But I think, such an information source
> would be of
> great value for everybody.
> What's your opinion?

I totally agree with this and I've been wanting to do this for a long
time already, but it can't happen without help.

Like you said, it means more people must become involved and start
writing these things. I'm not trying to pressure things but everybody
agrees that I can't do everything on my own. I will create the necessary
database interfaces and so forth. But an information system interface
without information doesn't mean much. I can start with something - the
stuff in docs/lfs-hints and when the interface is done hopefully more
people start adding content.

Gerard Beekmans

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