bzip2-1.0.0 - Makefile correction ?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Jun 9 12:38:38 PDT 2000

> This is what the install (jumper or tag or how you call it) says
> cp -f bzip2 $(PREFIX)/bin/bzip2
> cp -f bzip2 $(PREFIX)/bin/bunzip2
> cp -f bzip2 $(PREFIX)/bin/bzcat
> cp -f bzip2recover $(PREFIX)/bin/bzip2recover
> Question:
> Isn´t that a waste of space?
> Any arguments against ln -s bunzip2 and bzcat -> bzip2?

Depends. If bunzip2 and the others are just hard links (in stead of
symbolic links aka 'ln -s') than it's not a waste of space since they
are all the same files. If they are not links but separate binaries than
I don't think you can just create symlinks. You can try but it all
depends on how the binaries work. Some programs look at how it was
called (as what filename) and work accordingly. Others don't.
> I also made the shared and got the file
> /usr/src/bzip2-1.0.0/bzip2-shared which will not be installed
> Question:
> Would this be the correct line for installing the dynamic
> (test if exists, remove)
> cp -f bzip2recover $(PREFIX)/bin/bzip2recover (stays untouched)
> cp -f bzip2-shared $(PREFIX)/bin/bzip2
> (chmod)
> ln -s bzip2 bunzip2 (same for zcat)
> cp -f $(PREFIX)/usr/lib/
> (chmod)
> ln -s
> ldconfig 

I haven't tried the new bzip2 yet so I don't have an answer here. I'd
say try it. If you use dynamic libraries, also make this link:
<-- that's the filename the dymamic linker will look for

Gerard Beekmans

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