Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Sat Jun 10 13:32:54 PDT 2000

>i want to set up a script on my system that runs once a day, to clean out
>temp. directories, check the filesystem and other things, but i can't work
>out how i can check if the scripts already been run for that day.

Just tell cron to run it once a day. If it doesn't run one day, will 
something bad happen?

/tmp get cleaned out every time you boot. /var/tmp doesn't- but I'd 
be careful how you told it to be cleaned out- you'd hate to clean out 
a temp file that some program was using.

>i've been thinking along the lines of 'touch'ing a file after the script has
>been run and then before the script is run check the datestamp of that file,
>if the dates the same don't run the script if it's different run the
>script - but i just can't work out how to check the timestamp.

make a directory somewhere- /var/tmp/whatever and add this to the end 
of the script:

DATE=`date "+%Y%m%d"`
rm -rf /var/tmp/whatever/?*
touch /var/tmp/whatever/$DATE-ran

To check if the script ran, just see if /var/tmp/whatever/$DATE-ran exists.

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