Vacation ended, made up my mind, here is what I want to do

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Sat Jun 10 15:26:14 PDT 2000

>Like you said, it means more people must become involved and start
>writing these things. I'm not trying to pressure things but everybody
>agrees that I can't do everything on my own. I will create the necessary
>database interfaces and so forth. But an information system interface
>without information doesn't mean much. I can start with something - the
>stuff in docs/lfs-hints and when the interface is done hopefully more
>people start adding content.
>Gerard Beekmans

few things..
1st> i really like the idea of LFS expanding and involving the work of other
 people.. i mean gerard has done a lot but there are limits to how much he
 can do and we shouldn't expect him to devote his life to this..
 anyways, my point.. make the database, but we should lay out guild-lines
 for how the packages should be install and how the document should be
 and instead of everyone writing in whatever they want, we should assign
 certain areas to certain people or "teams" who volunteer for it, so that
 authers will be responible to mantian the documention and help out with
 comes up involving their section.
 ie. have someone (or a team) responible for security issues, someone for
 for the basic networking, someone for xwindows... etc..
2nd> i have redhat stickers, i have suse stickers, i have stickers from
 but there is no LFS sticker!.. included is my picture of what i believe to
 (let me know if i'm wrong) the first LFS sticker.  i am very interested in
 actually coming up with some real LFS stickers (not redhat-overwrites..
 and maybe even tee-shirts (yes i am a nerd and would wear one) if i know
 other people wanted them.. so let me know..

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