Vacation ended, made up my mind, here is what I want to do

Mike Burns netgeek at
Sat Jun 10 23:28:55 PDT 2000

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> The optional stuff that's found in 2.2 will most likely *not* be
> included anymore in the LFS-BOOK.
> So that pretty much means that the book in it's current form (2.3.4) is
> the way it's going to be for a while. It also means that the book is
> almost matured to a point where it doesn't need much work on. The book
> will build the foundation of your "Linux house". Building the actual
> house is up to you and you can find help on the various mailing lists
> that are offered now.

I'd like to say that I agree with you on this topic; I figured it'd be just
be a matter of time before this happened. Some optional information was
useful, such as networking; but all of it is found in howtos (or in the
NAG, SAG, etc.). Basically, if one can create their own Linux system, from
scratch (but with the source :-), I'd hope the person could install cron,
WM, KDE, or even upgrade their kernel!

I also think that only the absolutely neccesary (sp?) programs be installed
(i.e. cron is not /needed/ to boot or regularly use Linux (I haven't used
it in the 2 years that I've used Linux or FreeBSD)).

I have not created a Linux distrobution from scratch yet; I am waiting for
kernel 2.4 to come out. The closest thing for me is Green Frog Linux, which
basically is the core LFS that the user customizes. Thank you, Gerard, for
the information on how to create the core LFS. I hope you stand by your
choice against the optional stuff, as you have in the past.

While I have someone's attention, does anyone know how to make the
backspace key actually backspace in _all_ programs (like Spruce)?!

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