Vacation ended, made up my mind, here is what I want to do

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sun Jun 11 11:35:55 PDT 2000

> few things..
> 1st> i really like the idea of LFS expanding and involving the work of other
>  people.. i mean gerard has done a lot but there are limits to how much he
>  can do and we shouldn't expect him to devote his life to this..

For now I don't have a problem with it (since I'm not working a normal
job) but in a few months I have to make choices. Since LFS doesn't help
me paying bills you all can guess what will have a higher priority. I'll
try to get things done as quickly as possible so that in several months
we have a thing going that can sustain itself.

>  anyways, my point.. make the database, but we should lay out guild-lines
>  for how the packages should be install and how the document should be
> writen.

Yes definitely. Perhaps database submissions should be moderated (ie:
you submit something, it gets sent to me by email, I read it, make
modifications where necessary (mostly layout, grammar, not
content without writers approval of course) and with a simple email it
should be able to be inserted into the database. Everything is possible,
I just have to figure out how to do it. Perhaps I could invest a few
bucks in a new animal book about SQL.

>  actually coming up with some real LFS stickers (not redhat-overwrites..
> hehe)
>  and maybe even tee-shirts (yes i am a nerd and would wear one) if i know
> some
>  other people wanted them.. so let me know..

I most definitly would want one. Cute picture by the way. Real nice

Gerard Beekmans

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