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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sun Jun 11 11:52:47 PDT 2000

> Therefore, I think, it is to Gerard Beekmans To considder and decide about
> these issues.
> Please be carefull with creating sub-sub-subgroups, before even asking
> Gerard.
> In my upinon Gerard "leads the way"..

Thanks for the trust in me but I don't think I'd feel comfortable being
some kind of dictator who just decides against something because I don't
like it or won't use it. LFS wasn't created for my own pleasure, well it
was at first but I didn't bring it out into the community to brag about
what I can. Everybody uses LFS in different ways and would like to see
different things coming from it. I try to acommodate as many people as I
can (of course there are limits to this but I'm pretty flexible (most of
the times anyway)).

True, I'd make the final decision but do know that this isn't based on
just what I want and like to see. Quite a few things will be turned down
in the future (and have been in the past) simply because people like to
see things but don't contribute (no, I'm not complaining or ranting). I
really hope that more people start to contribute content in the future.
This way more sub-projects as I call them can be created (ALFS
(Automated LFS) is one of those. I wasn't going to start it if I wasn't
offered help from quite a few people). I'll be starting on the
InfoSystem thing (not sure what it's going to be called. That'll be
another thread in time) but without people's help it'll die down pretty

What I'm trying to tell here is that the book in it's current form (ie:
2.3.4) is pretty much how it will be for a while. But LFS doens't need
to stop where the book ends. It can continue a long long way as long as
there are people to contribute. 

Gerard Beekmans

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