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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Jun 11 12:07:25 PDT 2000

> 2.  A little change to the layout...Make the installing software sections
> chapters, and give each package it's own page.  Combine Appendix A with each
> install, so one knows at a glance what they're installing, and why.  You
> could then have a PPC section at the bottom for any changes those folks need
> to make, without having to dedicate a whole section to it.  (BTW, a little
> more description than, "This is the groff package, it installs the groff
> utilities ;)

My original idea was to link the descriptions into the parts where a
package is installed. There are a few links in the 'Preparing the
LFS system' section in chapter 5. Click on 'em and you read the
explanation. But I also see your point in just putting it right there
(and also keep the appendix for easy reference) when installing it.
First read what you are installing then the instructions.

But dedicated chapters? It would improve the layout a *lot*. I've come
to that conclusion a while ago, but we're talking over 43 packages. That
means over 43 chapters. Imagine the long "Table Of Contents" that would
create. Perhaps dedicated sections on their own pages. That will still
lead to over 43 sub-chapters under a chapter (still an equal long Table Of
Contents list). I wonder if that's wise to do.

Being development version and all I can always create a test release and
see how people like it. If we don't like it I can change it back to the
way it is now by only editing one or two files. Not a big deal.

> 3.  A little explanation as to the meaning of "--prefix=/usr" and why you
> use it on some packages, and not others.

A lot of explanation will be added during the next few releases. The
installation part is nearly finished now. Bugs are worked out (most of
them and unknown bugs aren't worked out because, well, we don't know
about them yet), the chroot environment is a big hit so to say. So I'm
wrapping that part up and the explanation parts can be inserted (it will 
take a while to finish it all). So, it's definitely on the TODO list.
> 4.  Some sample answers and suggestions for the perl config.  I'm not a
> programmer, and some of that stuff was over my head.  I let it use the hints
> defaults, but I'dve liked to known what I was defaulting.

Would fit nicely under the previous section (about explananing things in
more detail)
> 5.  A slight change to the download section:  Group all the gnu stuff, and
> do it alphabetically.

Actually this is what going to happen shortly:

Connect to ftp://ftp.linuxfromscratch.org, enter the /pub/mandatory
directory and download each and every file from it.

An appendix can contain a list with the official sites of those packages
in case you want to check for new updates. It's just easier to fetch all
packages from one location. Saves some time connecting to a dozen
different servers to get a package from.
> 6.  An explanation on how to get it to it's own drive.  As you might recall,
> I started this project on a seperate hard drive, but had problems booting.
> I switched it to a partition on the primary, and also switched to book
> 2.3.4.  Now, I need to get it to that other drive.  I know I can't just
> "cp -r *".  I'm sure there's a switch or two that needs to be in there.

On a different drive isn't all that much different than the current
setup on a different partition. Whether you put something in /dev/hda8
(in my case) or in /dev/hdb1. Just make sure you have the correct
entries in lilo.conf and it should boot just fine.
Gerard Beekmans

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