Compiling for a diffirent machine.

Raffaele Brancaleoni s940195 at
Mon Jun 12 05:23:45 PDT 2000

"Richard (Remenic) Stellingwerff" wrote:

> Hi there,
> I want to create an LFS for a 486 machine, but I don't actually want to
> compile it on that machine. Instead, I want to compile it on my P225MMX,
> but normally I think that would cause problems, since a i486 is not
> really compatible with a i586.
> The reason I believe this, is because a few months ago I had created an
> LFS on a Cyrix 6x86, and that one refused to work on my P225. I got
> error messages like 'unknown instruction'.
> How can I make sure my LFS gets compiled for i486?

The only things you should be aware to do so are you must be carefull with
the optimization you're going to use to generate your binaries. You can
for example export environment variables ( CFLAGS && CXXFLAGS )
containing the proper compiler flags to generate binaries for your 486.
These are probably not the best optimization you could choose but these
must be working : -O2 -march=i486 -m486

One reason the binaries you built on your Cyrix didn't work on your Pentium
is probably you used processor specific options to generate the binaries.

Hope this will help ...


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