Thoughts about LFS: AFC....

Ynze van Aken yva at
Mon Jun 12 11:26:25 PDT 2000


As a reaction to your earlier email:

> Thanks for the trust in me but I don't think I'd feel comfortable being
> some kind of dictator .........
Perhaps a bit to strong email, but my statment was intended __not__ to
a bureaucratic organisation which would take LFS to a slow death...

> What I'm trying to tell here is that the book in it's current form (ie:
> 2.3.4) is pretty much how it will be for a while. But LFS doens't need
> to stop where the book ends. It can continue a long long way as long as
> there are people to contribute.

I do stand for the contribution of many people.....



Ynze van Aken
The Netherlands

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