Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon Jun 12 18:13:47 PDT 2000

Hi guys,

The AutomatedLFS (ALFS) project will be started soon. Most people
already know what this is (in a nutshell: developing a installation tool
that automates LFS installations).

There is more to is than just having a tool. The LSB (Linux Standard
Base) needs documented, vendor-neutral, standards-compliant Linux
distribution and vendors like RedHat, Debian and others aren't well
suited for that task. LFS could be an option that they need (they
meaning big database companies like Oracle and such. I know this info is
crypic. It's easier if you all just read the email Mark Stone sent to
lfs-admin. I'm waiting for his approval to forward it to this list)

Either way, if you're interested in ALFS or how LFS might be going to
work with the LSB project, you can subscribe to
the alfs-discuss at mailinglist. Send an email
containing "subscribe" (without the quotes) to
alfs-discuss-request at (no subject required) and
follow the instructions from Majordomo that will be sent back.

Btw, the project won't be started till a few months or so. But
discussions have started. The actual work will start when LFS-2.4 has
been released. 

Gerard Beekmans

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