Greg T Hill greghill at
Mon Jun 12 20:22:58 PDT 2000

Georg Wilckens wrote:

> On Sun, Jun 11, 2000 at 06:48:51PM -0500, Kurt V. Hindenburg wrote:
> > start-stop-daemon.c has a comment in the beginning :
> > /*
> >  * A rewrite of the original Debian's start-stop-daemon Perl script
> >  * in C (faster - it is executed many times during system startup).
> >
> > Would bash script be faster than C? or perl?
> No, but which of the following do you think would be faster:
> 1)   bash -> start-stop-daemon -> program_to_start
> 2)   bash -> program_to_start
> The way it's being done is obviously 1, so there must be a reason why
> we can't do 2. Any comments are very much welcome.

I don't know, but it seems that directly calling the program to start it
from the script would make no difference, probably be faster.  ps h -C
<daemon> gives the process information in one line, if someone knows how
to use cut to put the pid into a variable, then that could be used for
the stop, restart, reload cases. Better or faster?  Does reqiure
textutils if you use cut, or maybe sed would work.  A challenge for some
shell scripter out there?

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