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Paul Jensen pj at
Wed Jun 14 03:40:31 PDT 2000

> Now that posting to newsgroups works, I've discovered another problem. Posts
> posted by a newsreader gets to the mailing lists but not to the newsgroups.
> That explains why sometimes I was seeing replies to posts which I hadn't
> read, and why I couldn't see my own posts. Again, it has to do with the
> news<->mail link because posting to .test works flawlessly.

here is the syslog on this problem:

Jun 14 03:34:54 lfs1 rnews: rejected 437 Duplicate "Newsgroups" header
Jun 14 03:34:54 lfs1 innd: localhost:15 closed seconds 4 accepted 0
refused 0 rejected 1

it looks like the news server is refusing the email that you sent from the
newsgroup because it has a newsgroup header.   i guess this is to prevent
an endless loop from occuring - email from the news server reflected back
over and over again till the server fills up.

hmm, let me look at this.  please post to email until i have this sorted


paul jensen
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