Done with basic install - comments (kinda long)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jun 14 09:04:38 PDT 2000

> Yes, loadkeys and the necessary keyboard mappings are part of both packages.
> I chose the console tools, because I got the impression that the kbd package
> had ended its development, and that the console tools are the way.
> For most needs, however, only the binary loadkeys, its man page and the
> necessary keyboard mappings are required. This is what I consider to install
> in my real LFS system.
> The binary, the man page and the keyboard mappings are present in both
> packages; hence the script should work nicely for all. :-)
> BTW; since this is kinda system setting, it should possibly reside in the
> master rc file - LFS should probably have support for this. It should not be
> run level dependent. OTOH - if /usr is a mounted file system, it may not be
> available on lower run levels....hmmm but this would not lead to problems,
> since we would check files for existence before trying to manipulate them.
> A last note on volume availability: the code runs loadkeys with a filename
> parameter that may not exists - this should of course be checked before
> running the program.
> Some RedHat derivatives use an /etc/sysconfig directory to store some
> variable names that the scripts use. This includes the famous network
> settings and some other parameters. In a similar location, a KEYMAP variable
> could be expected. If it isn't there, loadkeys won't be run. If it is there,
> and the keymap it mentions exists, run loadkeys. Simple, very scriptable and
> fairly clean. Want me to supply the patch ?

Thanks for the info. I'll have to see how this is integrated. The best
place is in run level 2 or 3. But it could easily be in rcS.d as well.
It will be put *after* all file systems are mounted, just in case your
LFS system has multiple partitions (like my own does). I'll try to put
it in 2.3.5.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
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