Current TODO list and Changelog for 2.3.5

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Jun 14 13:32:18 PDT 2000

Hi folks.

2.3.5 is nearly finished. These are the items that are still on the TODO

- Test if Glibc compilation fails when bash-2.04 is used. I'll attempt
to compile Glibc from an LFS system running bash-2.04 and see what
happens (RedHat doens't have bash-2.04 and I don't want to upgrade
standard RedHat programs for various reasons. One reason being that I
want to use original distribution's versions and not upgraded ones)

- Write down information about the new lfs-config, lfs-apps and
alfs-discuss mailing lists

- Finish package descriptions. I still have to write down information
about: sysklogd, sysvinit, tar, textutils, util-linux, netkit-base and

- Implement the "fancy bootscripts" such as the ones found on RedHat
systems. Granted, it isn't strictly part of basic system stuff but it
makes the boot process look better and easier to see whether something
failed or not.

- Add the console-tools package (instead of kbd. I've been told that
console-tools is better than kbd) so that non-us keyboards can be setup.

- add the 'status' command to boot scripts so you can query whether a
service is up and running or not (this is an LSB requirement)

- Test whether I truely fixed the rc script. It should run K scripts for
services started in rcS.d

- Robin Matthews suggested adding some information on directory and file
permissions and explaining why certain directories and files have
certain permissions. There's no time to put this in 2.3.5 anymore. I'll
try to write something up for 2.3.6 (or somebody else).

"there's no time" would suggest there's a deadline for 2.3.5 Yes, that's
correct. LFS-2.3.5 is to be released next week. Probably tuesday or
wednesday (I'm not sure if I'll be home on either Monday or Tuesday so I
can't make a promise when it'll be released).

Current Changelog for 2.3.5:

Chapter 3 & 9: Updated LILO download location

Chapter 3 & 9: Updated Shadow Password Suite download location

Chapter 3 & 9: Updated the Flex download location

Chapter 3 & 9: Updated the File download location

Chapter 3 & 9: Added netkit-base and net-tools to the mandatory 
packages section

Chapter 5 & 11: Added compiler optimization

Chapter 5 & 11: Added the creation of the root password to
"Configuring essential software"

Chapter 5 & 11: The Linux86 package has been replaced by the Bin86

Chapter 5 & 11: Included information on how to optimize

Chapter 5 & 11: Moved installation of Groff and Man before Perl.
This way Perl known how to install man pages and where to install them.

Chapter 5 & 11: Changed GCC's local-prefix option to /usr/local
instead of /usr (this was still a residue from the time where /usr/local
was a symbolic link to /usr)

Chaper 5 & 11: Fixed the commands when a patch is used and the
patch filename contained the .gz suffix.

Chapter 5 & 11: Added --disable-nls to every configure command in
the "Perparing the LFS system..." section which didn't have it yet.

Chapter 6, 7, 12 & 13: Implemented LSB recommended run level

Chapter 6 & 12: Renamed the checkroot boot script into checkfs. The
script also checks other file systems now.

Chapter 6 & 12: Updated the mountfs boot script to mount all file
systems that are mentioned in the /etc/fstab file and don't have the
noauto option set.

Chapter 6 & 12: After checkfs evaluated the existence of /fastboot
or /forcecheck it will remove those files.

Chapter 6, 7, 12 & 13: Changed the mode of the boot scripts from
755 to 744

Chapter 7 & 13: Removed the default gateway command

Chapter 7 & 13: Fixed the typo in the ethnet script (NETMAKSK ->


If there's anything I've forgotten (say you submitted a bug report but
you don't see it fixed in the Changelog or on the TODO list) please let
me know.

Gerard Beekmans

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