Repartitioning the HD

Kuylman, Hugo hugo.kuylman at
Wed Jun 14 16:35:32 PDT 2000

Thanks Gerard,

I'll give Parted a try. If I recall correctly, Partition Magic needs an 8 Mb
DOS partition on the hard drive to work correctly. This leads me to another
question. Can I boot with Tom's Root Boot disc and then load a floppy with
Parted on it, or do I make a bootable ext2 disk with Parted on it?

Hugo Kuylman
Aloha, Oregon, USA

There is a program called Parted (i believe on
which can resize partitions without destroying the data on it but you
need to boot from a differnet partition. The partition you want to
resize can't be mounted (not even in read-only mode), so you'll have to
boot from a floppy disk or something like that.

There's always the MS Windows program Partition Magic which can resize
ext2 partitions as well but you'll have to buy that program (and MS
windows must be installed naturally on that system).

Gerard Beekmans

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