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Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Thu Jun 15 02:50:23 PDT 2000

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> > try one of the mirror ftp sites...
> >
> > ftp://lfs.bcpub.com has no traffic at the moment...
> this site seems to be just as dead. err, what time of the day
> is the best time?
> btw, is there anybody here who has taken lfs further by
> installin most of the bulky stuff in say /opt and exportin
> it all to other clients on a network? ie., clients with small
> hd's.
> andrew

lfs.bcpub.com is back up and functional. Sorry we had some
bad storms here and lost all power for about 12hrs. lfs.bcpub.com
is not at the colocation and was subject to the whims of
our local electric. Had two trees come down around us, lightning
cracking one, wires/mess all around still.... we were actually lucky
compared to some others.... 

Later today after I clean up, I am moving lfs.bcpub.com to our 
colocation, so it should be much more dependable. The colocation
room has a generator outside thats bigger than most yard sheds. Plus
there is 1600 amps of three-phase electric running into that room.....

lfs.bcpub.com is functional 24/7 no bandwidth limits.... 

Sorry about the downtime...


PS. andrew- I haven't done what you are saying, but would like to 
      hear about your results... I think your idea is an interesting use 
      for LFS.....
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