Repartitioning the HD

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> > Thanks Gerard,
> >
> > I'll give Parted a try. If I recall correctly, Partition Magic needs an
8 Mb
> > DOS partition on the hard drive to work correctly. This leads me to

Not from the "emergency" disks. Version 5 comes with a Kinux install script
to create the floppies (there are now two).

> > question. Can I boot with Tom's Root Boot disc and then load a floppy
> > Parted on it, or do I make a bootable ext2 disk with Parted on it?
> I don't see why that wouldn't work. As long as you don't mount the
> partition that you're going to resize it doens't matter much how you
> execute it. You can even put parted on a different partition if you have
> one and run it from there.

There is a bootable floppy image with  parted available from the parted
site, IIRC.


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