Current TODO list and Changelog for 2.3.5

Richard Richard at
Thu Jun 15 12:53:55 PDT 2000

> > How about taking all the target specific stuff out of the init.d
> > and into a separate directory in /etc? That way boot scripts can be
> > without having to fiddle with the settings. Eg:
> >
> > in /etc/init.d/ethnet:
> > . /etc/config/ethnet
> > ...
> > and in /etc/config/ethnet:
> > ...
> Could you explain that need some more? I'm not sure I fully understand
> who would benefit from this.
1) You benifit
if you enhance/debug a script, you do not have to edit it to hide private
before distribution.

2) Everyone else
if they install an enhanced/debugged script, the local data is not changed.

3) (Rare) script simplifications
If one lump of configuration data is needed by two or more scripts.

4) ALFS simplifies
Automated config tools know where to put/get data and become more
independant of changes to the scripts.

5) Bad habit from C
I started bashing recently and I am used to keeping config data out
of source code so the users do not have to recompile ;-)


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