LFS-2.3.5 development frozen

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jun 15 19:05:18 PDT 2000

Hi guys,

I've finished the TODO list. I'm going away for the entire weekend
tomorrow so I don't have anytime left to change anything. So that means
that I just "froze" the LFS-2.3.5 book (which makes sure it will be a
"cool book" (tm) Ian Chilton). I have created /etc/sysconfig/network
which contains network settings such as hostname, ipaddr, netmask and
broadcat. This file is sourced by the localnet and ethnet scripts.

I want to get rid of start-stop-daemon in the next development version.
I didn't have time to finish the rewrites of the scripts tonight so that
will have to wait. I might be complaining a lot of RedHat but one thing
I do like of RedHat are the bootscripts. I always have liked the RedHat
ones (though I don't like the /etc/rc.d directory but that's just some
weird preference I have). So basically the init.d/functions file that
will be in 2.3.6 will be mostly based on RedHat with a few modifications
to make things simpler (they are bloated to the extreme). So the current
bootscripts aren't the way I want them to be. They're somewhere in the
middle right now but at least they're working just fine.

When I return from my trip to our trailer (caravan for European folks)
I'll do a few small modifications to the book like updating the version
number, release date, do a very quick typo hunt (but not an extensive
one. That'll be done for 2.4) and update the site. I expect the book to
be available online around Tuesday or Wednesday at latest.

Well, that's it. I feel real good about the upcoming 2.3.5. A lot of
things have been updated and improved. It's worth being called a new

Gerard Beekmans

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