rc Script Failure

Eric A. Ayer mwalker at ee.pdx.edu
Fri Jun 16 10:52:53 PDT 2000

>> Problem sorted out (I hope).
> Not really but I think I've got it this time:
>> [ ! -f $previous_start ] || || [ ! $sysinit_start ] && continue
> Change that line into:
> [ ! -f $previous_start ] && [ ! -f $sysinit_start ] && continue
> (the || || was wrong to start with, but it wasn't supposed to be an OR
> anyways. It's supposed to be an AND)

I've been keeping this piece of mail around so I could fix the rc script when
I got to it, but I can't seem to find the original, incorrect script.  I was
looking at book-2.3.4, and when I didn't find it there, looked at book-2.2,
but it wasn't there either.

In the above, there is also the shell variable sysinit_start.  Where does this
come from, and where is it used?  It isn't in rc anywhere.

Last of all, the shell variables RUNLEVEL and PREVLEVEL are passed from init
to the scripts it runs (in this case rc), correct?


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