Root password won't work (test of init/bash/lilo.config)

Justin C justin at
Sat Jun 17 18:14:38 PDT 2000

I've got to the part where you reboot to test the set up so far after
installing init and bash. Lilo was also configured. This is still using
the kernel on my Debian partition.

I've double checked the password in the documentation with
$LFS/etc/password and it is the same but I can't log in with lfs123.

I can also confirm I have the correct versions of sysvinit and bash as
mentioned in the documentation I grabbed the passwd from.

Can someone provide a different passwd and login name I could use please?
Or can I create a user on my regular setup, give a password, say,
'password' and copy the encrypted stuff from there to /mnt/lfs/etc/passwd?
And would that allow me to login with a passwd of 'password'?

Thanks for any help you can give.
Justin C by the sea.						   justin
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