m4-1.4 again

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at knuut.de
Sun Jun 18 04:30:10 PDT 2000

Until now I am still working with the static m4.
Installed full-moduled kernel 2.2.14, still complete sources available.
Lilo-21.4.4 boots the new kernel :)) , due to messages all fine.

Now trying to compile the m4 dynamic.
Configure states 
in config.log: configure:951: siginfo.h: No such file or directory
in config.h:
/* Define if you have the sigaltstack function.  */
/* Define if you have the sigstack function.  */

/* Define if you have the <siginfo.h> header file.  */
/* #undef HAVE_SIGINFO_H */
The real position of a header file named that is:

Next is that completely all tests fail. Log size = 17.089,
if you want me to attach please advise. Example 01.define :
contents of 01.define:
dnl ../doc/m4.texinfo:939: Origin of test
define(`foo', `Hello world.')
dnl @result{}
dnl @result{}Hello world.
result.log reads like this:
Checking 01.define
../doc/m4.texinfo:939: Origin of test
01.define: stdout mismatch
< Hello world.
../doc/m4.texinfo:939: Origin of test
01.define: stderr mismatch
> m4: sigstack: Function not implemented
First it defines I do have both sigstack-functions but no
header file and then it is not implemented, this seems to
me to be a contradiction in itself.

Nils van den Heuvel <-- Die, 06 Jun 2000 :
> I had the same problem... You're probably running a 2.0.x kernel, right?
> You should upgrade to a 2.2.x kernel.

I did now and it is active, but this does not help. Besides that when the
book installs m4 we do only have config + dep + sources linked, so it
should not be a matter of what kernel runs at the moment (or?)

Any help really appreciated.
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