Update on password not working episode.

justin at j-catter.demon.co.uk justin at j-catter.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 18 16:31:08 PDT 2000

Thanks to those who replied, I removed the password field from the
/etc/passwd (got it right that time) file and managed to login with just
a press of the return key - as you'd expext.

After the reboot -f I copied accross the kernel I'd built, without
modules, updated lilo.conf, ran lilo and booted the kernel. AOK. <VBG>!

What's concerning me now is what it says in the HOWTO about libc/glibc
and that the HOWTO deals with glibc originating setups and that there are
likely to be problems using libc. I'm running Debian 2.1 r2 (with a
2.2.15 kernel) and I believe this has a libc setup. Can anyone tell me
what sort of problems I may come accross so I can be prepared for them?

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