Install Script :)

Paul Jensen pj at
Tue Jun 20 07:37:47 PDT 2000

thanks for sharing your script.  i put it on the ftp site in scripts.

paul jensen
lfs ftp/news/mail archive

> Put together this little install script.  Was able to compile and
> install up to
> the chroot'ed section of ver. 2.3.5 in 2 hours with no glitches.
> :) HANDS FREE :)
> (installing gcc twice and glibc)
> ***Please examine the script word-for-word! ***
> This is not a difficult script.  Most of the leg-work is done.
> Just tweek it to your needs.  The script is based exactly as
> instructed by LFS-2.3.5.
> Upon completion, create your $LFS/etc/passwd and group files.
> Stage2 to come !!!!
> Cheers,

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