Install Script :)

Richard Richard at
Wed Jun 21 01:36:49 PDT 2000

> Hey Folks,
> Put together this little install script.  Was able to compile and
> install up to
> the chroot'ed section of ver. 2.3.5 in 2 hours with no glitches.
> :) HANDS FREE :)
> (installing gcc twice and glibc)
> ***Please examine the script word-for-word! ***
> This is not a difficult script.  Most of the leg-work is done.
> Just tweek it to your needs.  The script is based exactly as
> instructed by LFS-2.3.5.
> Upon completion, create your $LFS/etc/passwd and group files.
> Stage2 to come !!!!
I have been doing the same thing. How about woking tokether?

I will put the current version of my script on my web page
very soon. Look for version 0.2.

I have had a version that installed all of 2.3.2 but with
some things done my way. The curtent script has everything
in 2.3.5, and my additions are optional.

The compiler does not install correctly in the static environment
and the causes all the compiles in chroot to fail.

I hope to fix that this morning


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