New install using devfs from the start

Brett generica at
Wed Jun 21 03:51:08 PDT 2000


Right now I have a Redhat 6.2 machine which I use for not much at all.
My plan was to slowly remove every rpm from it, and replace them with the
proper, compiled from source 'real thing'.  I think it'd be more fun and a
better learning tool to start from scratch.

Right now, its using devfs.  Looking in the howto, you mention it, but
there are no instructions on how to do it all from scratch using
devfs.  I'm _assuming_ it won't be that hard, except instead of copying
the /dev dir over, I'll just make sure the devfsd is installed and
working.  Has anyone else tried this though ?  

Also, right now, I have a 1.4gB /, and a 450mB spare partition.  I was
thinking the best way to get linuxfromscratch going would be to install a
new dist. on the 450mB partition, delete the / partition, and start on
that one.  That keeps / on the big partiton (eventually) and will only
mean a bit of mucking around in the meantime... opinions ?

Any other suggestions etc would be welcomed...


	/ Brett

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