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Richard Richard at
Wed Jun 21 11:05:30 PDT 2000

> What do you do to get your script to stop when
> an error occurs?  Does this also work for something
> simple like a copy?
The script will stop on any error, including a copy.
The way that is done is on the first line:
#!/bin/bash -ex
# -x trace output of each line
# -e stop if anything outside [] or test returns an error

The bad news is that some packages do some
recovery action after an error, and report the
status of the recovery action to my script. The
most anoying one today was binutils did not
compile because my host system's ranlib had
gone walkies. No errors were reported until
after the chroot environment gets entered,
and then very little worked because as from
binutils was not there.

How about a note in the book along the line of:
if ./configure fails try cat config.log
This told me why gcc was failing (no /usr/bin/as)

Bad day today - I said nasty things about the red hat
install disk until I remembered they use the old lilo and
the boot directory is on cylinder 1200ish.

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