lilo make problems - 86 package

Kurt V. Hindenburg kurt.hindenburg at
Wed Jun 21 15:20:05 PDT 2000

After install the bin86 package, I get errors when compiling
lilo-21.4.3 (next package after bin86).

cc -o lilo  lilo.o map.o geometry.o boot.o device.o common.o bsect.o cfg.o temp.o partition.o identify.o
cc -E `( if [ -r $ROOT/etc/lilo.defines ]; then cat $ROOT/etc/lilo.defines; else echo -DIGNORECASE -DVARSETUP -DREWRITE_TABLE -DLARGE_EBDA -DONE_SHOT; fi ) | sed 's/-D/-DLCF_/g'` `[ -r /usr/include/asm/boot.h ] && echo -DHAS_BOOT_H` `./lilo -X` first.S -o first.s
as86 -0 -a -w -o first.o -l first.lis first.s
ld86 -0 -s -o first.img first.o
ld86: first.o has bad magic number
make: *** [first.img] Error 2

sh-utils seems to compile OK though...

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