What did I do?

Simon Perreault nomis80 at videotron.ca
Wed Jun 21 19:41:50 PDT 2000

Seems like everyone is getting this error message, but I'm still wondering
if it's normal. I've never heard of a normal bug, except those in Microsoft

Customer to PC vendor:
"My computer keeps crashing when I try to start Internet Explorer!"

"Oh, that's a normal bug. Wait for the patch."

""Kuylman, Hugo"" <hugo.kuylman at flir.com> wrote in message
news:12E29BB71FF6D2119AAD0008C7CF500201BF67FC at PDXMAIL...
> Hi,
> I must have done something wrong...Perl compiled on the first try using
> Bash-2.04. I am curious about one thing. I kept getting warnings during
> compile and the install that i didn't have locale or something like that
> enabled (computer is at home, I'm at work). Should I have configured with
> --disable-nls or something? I have never used perl before so I will have
> do some reading before I can try out perl to see if it is any good.
> Hugo Kuylman
> Aloha, Oregon USA

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